There are so many ways that you can enrich the life of your indoor cat through engaging activities. Each cat is an individual, so what works for one may not for another. Spend some time discovering what your feline particularly enjoys.


Not all cats will like leash walking, but some will love it! Even if it is just in your backyard! Cats are curious animals and exploring the environment in which they live is very much a part of what fulfills that curiosity. Keep adventures safe and go slow with introducing them to a harness and leash. You might begin desensitizing them to the harness and leash indoors first, then move your walks to the back yard as a next step. You may find that they love the enrichment and bonding time.
There are many other options for cats to spend time outdoors safely. Google “catios” or “cat enclosures” to get some ideas for structures you can purchase or build.
Another option that works well for many cats is a pet stroller. Strollers can be found on many websites; simply do a search for “pet stroller.”Can’t do outside? To offer your cat a better view and a spot to sunbathe, buy a window perch (available at pet supply stores) or make one yourself.


Who says you can’t teach a cat tricks? Teach using treats. The engagement is what it is all about. Get creative and engage your cat with learning.
Call their name and treat them when they come as a reward. Take it up a notch and hide, then call their name. Reward!
Food search! In nature, the behavior that occupies the majority of cats’ time is searching for food. Indoor cats have this same instinctual urge. If it’s possible in your home, hide little bits of food all around the house so your cat can do the normal feline “work” of finding food. It’s an enjoyable activity that gives your cat something interesting to do and satisfies that particular aspect of a cat’s nature.
Provide cat furniture for climbing and adventure! You can buy ready-made cat trees and other furniture that range in cost from cheap to expensive. Some cats are just as happy with cardboard boxes to investigate and play in. There are a ton of ideas online with instructions for making your own cat furniture; simply do a search for “how to make cat furniture” or check out Pinterest.
Grow wheat grass for your cat to munch on. You can purchase pet wheat-grass kits either online or at pet supply stores.