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Meet Amos! Quiet, curious, independent and easy going.

Amos is looking for a single person or quiet couple that would love nothing more than to have a buddy around and provide an older dog a loving home. Amos takes a little time to get you know you and to trust. He comes from a pretty rough past so he prefers to be ignored at first, until he's comfortable. The more time you spend, the more comfortable he gets. Now, we get to see him play and run around in circles with excitement! It's pretty awesome and a huge change from how he felt when he arrived.

Amos will be pretty mellow in the home and grateful for a consistent meal and a soft bed. A spacious yard, walks in the hills and a person he can call his own would be his dream life. He has an independent side for awhile, however once he knows you, he really does begin to love and show more of himself. Because he doesn't jump in strangers laps or hand out affection to everyone... you know you're "in" when you start to see him offering it up to you.

We absolutely admire his strength and mental toughness. He made it! And we couldn't be happier.

To schedule an appointment to meet Amos and learn more about him, please call 775-800-1906.