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Meet Cotton! Athlete, athlete, athlete. And, incredibly affectionate with his people.

Athlete of the year and Parkour Gold Champion, Worldwide! And that's just the half of it! We know, he has a serious face. But, that's only when he is being asked to do things he isn't crazy about, like pose for photos. This kid is full of personality, a little bit of stubborn, a little bit of curiosity, and a lot of love.

He loves his treats, car rides, being engaged and getting out to do! Cotton joined the CRCS family from very unfortunate circumstances. His story will melt your heart and make you want to jump up and help. Cotton has gone through our foundation layer training, knows all his commands, can fly through our agility course without hesitation and then asks... challenge me!?!

His ideal environment is truly all about the person. Human energy, human guidance, human patience, human consistency.... these are the keys to his success.

Cotton does enjoy play groups with a couple of dogs here at the center. Watching him run and feel such freedom after knowing his past... it's the most beautiful thing. Cotton's ideal home will be very dog experienced and willing to partner with us here at the center for a successful transition and adoption. We've got your back with a variety of support services including Daycamp and Sleepovers!

Once you get to know this boy, you'll see an adventurer, an athlete, a free spirit! It's what we love most about him. He's ready to put the past behind him thank you very much and find people that he can call family.

To schedule an appointment to learn more about Cotton and see if he might be a good fit for your family, give us a call at 775-800-1906.