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Meet Buddy!

Happy, friendly & affectionate to those he knows.

Hello BIG handsome! This boy is a bit of a goofball and tromps around looking for the next human to greet! His ideal environment is quiet, loving and spacious with experienced dog owners. That face tells it all. We just love his character and silly ways!

Age: 6.5
Weight: Over 100 lbs
Strengths: Buddy loves to lean into you, friendly and playful. Silly personality and always brings a smile!
Areas to note: Being a Mastiff / Great Dane mix, Buddy is a guardian breed. His genetics tell him to do just that at barriers. Buddy is large and will need an owner that can physically handle him on a leash and help guide him at barriers, simply letting him know when there is no need to worry. Our trainers will provide you with a plan on how to do just that through respectful communication. Buddy has been unsure of some men in his past however we have all sizes of male volunteers that walk him easily so he likely needs a proper introduction. We can show you just how to do that!

Kids: Buddy isn't comfortable with children due to his history. Adult only home please.

Dogs: Buddy likes some dogs, is neutral with some dogs, unsure of others. Due to his size, we will carefully consider placement with other dogs.

Cats: Sorry, Buddy doesn't speak cat.
Livestock: Unknown.
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 6
Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 4 (due to age and previously injured foot)