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Meet Romulus!
Intelligent, alert, handsome, serious about his job.

Romulus is extremely sensitive to human energy. He’s an absolute expert at reading it. This beautiful boy has asked us to help him find a quiet, calm, loving leader. He’s not a family pet kinda guy, sorry. He’s got drive and needs to use that brain of his. He’s looking for a forever home with lots of space and an experienced Shepherd owner ready for a loyal co-pilot! Romulus responds beautifully to a calm, fair leader (not someone trying to be “alpha”). He’s a little too smart for that ?.

Age: 4

Weight: 83 lbs

Strengths: Extremely smart, loyal and very responsive to those he respects. Walks excellent on a leash, rides great in the car, very playful and affectionate with his people. LOVES water! Bring a hose out and he can’t get enough of the fun!

Areas to continue to work on: He's the definition of a working Shepherd. It takes time for Romulus to get comfortable with new people and dogs, his genetics tell him so. With slow, proper introductions over an extended period of time, he can do it. Romulus comes with lifetime behavior support and a team of people here to support you and cheer you on!

Kids: No children.

Dogs: After multiple introductions under structure, Romulus can get along great with some dogs. He loves his friends!

Cats: No cats.
Livestock: No livestock.
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 10
Level of exercise needed (scale 1-10): 6