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Meet Sophie!
Big, beautiful and elegant. Very loving to those she knows. Special needs.

Age: 5

Weight: 122 lbs

Strengths: Great Danes are considered a "Guardian Breed." Owners of guardian breeds need to be knowledgeable of the traits that come with those genetics and how they translate to the home. Danes are big, beautiful, powerful and elegant dogs that absolutely love their people. The AKC describes them as being "protective". Their sheer size requires someone that is comfortable (and physically strong enough) to handle them on a leash. Sophie will have moments on a leash that will require strength and confidence from her handler. Whether the intent is playful, stubborn or even reactive... whatever it may be, her human will need to be able to handle her strength using technique and grace, not force.

Sophie does have some special requests. She is not a good match for individuals struggling with anxiety or high emotion, high tones. She tends to take on whatever energy her owner displays and a large Dane with anxiety can create quite a few behavior challenges. We have worked very hard here at the center to help this girl overcome her past and build her confidence. She is now ready for a calm, confident leader.

Areas to note: It takes time for Sophie to get comfortable with new people. Sophie is a very large Dane that has some eyesight challenges and cannot fully see what is coming. We were told her eyesight would be gone by the time she turned 5 though so far, she can still see. As her eyesight continues to diminish, her other senses will strengthen and she'll have to learn new ways of communicating. Our behaviorist and trainers will provide full behavior help and training support for the life of the dog.

Kids: No children.

Dogs: After multiple introductions under structure, Sophie can get along great with some dogs. Her playstyle is very physical with lots of body movements, jumping, leaping. Did we mention she is 122 lbs?

Cats: Unknown.
Livestock: Unknown.
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 7
Level of exercise needed (scale 1-10): 5