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Meet Suri! Energetic, watchful, determined, playful, athletic, agile.

Experienced dog owners are needed for this beautiful girl. Suri's new human will need to pay attention or you'll find yourself outsmarted ;-). She's intelligent, strong, powerful, athletic, courageous, alert and loyal. An absolute athlete that has asked for a lot of two things- structure and exercise. Well, maybe a little bit of play wouldn't hurt either! She loves to play. Suri's ideal environment is spacious and quiet with humans that are experienced in guard dogs and all that comes with it.

Part of Suri's adoption process is several sessions with our behaviorist so you can learn all about the training and work we've put in over the last 8 months (see a demo) and it is also important that you hear and see what she is still working on. It will require some work and practice out on our trails. We got your back though.... we'll work with you! Training and behavior sessions are complementary, as part of her adoption.

Age: 1

Weight: 62 lbs

Strengths: Once settled in with a calm, fair, leader, this will be the most amazing of companions. We absolutely love her spirit, playful personality, athleticism and determination. She just needs someone that she respects and that can lead calmly with patience and persistence. In person, she is absolutely stunning.

Areas to continue to work on: Leash walking is still something we practice every single day. Due to her age and energy level, it will come with practice and more practice and more practice. As well, guard dogs guard. Instincts tell them to. While we never want to take away who she is, we do want her to understand when her owner "has it" and that things are under control. Our behaviorists will teach you all about how to communicate that through several complimentary sessions as part of her adoption.

Kids: No.

Dogs: She can live with some temperaments, not others.

Cats: No.

Livestock: Unknown.

Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 10

Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 9