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Meet Lola! Beautiful, athletic, loving.

Lola is stunningly beautiful in person. Once you get to know her, she is a ton of fun. There is absolutely zero shortage of personality! Her ideal home with have experienced dog owners that lead a quiet, active life and want to include her in the outdoor fun. In the home, she is perfect. She knows when to chill and help you watch your favorite show. Outside, she loves to sniff and do her own thing or climb on things and be engaged. She prefers to walk/hike in areas where she can be just with her human and enjoy the time.

Age: 4.5
Weight: 67 lbs

Strengths: We adore this dog! Holy smokes, she is fun! More than anything, Lola needs a human she can count on. She's had a lot of people bond with her and then go a different direction so we really want to help her find someone that's looking for a partner. A life long partner. She's so affectionate and loving to her people and will always bring a smile with her funny ways.

Areas to continue to work on: Miss Lola needs special introductions to new people. Her preferences are actually very simple and easy to manage. We can show you exactly how she likes to meet new faces! If you are a social person and tend to surround yourself with friends and family frequently, Lola would be uncomfortable. She likes a slower "ignore me for awhile" approach. She isn't a touchy / handsy kinda gal if she doesn't know you. Here at the facility she is a volunteer favorite and has MANY humans in her social circle. She just needs a special introduction, that's all.

Kids: No
Dogs: Some dogs okay
Cats: Sorry, Lola does not speak cat Livestock: Unknown

Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 6

Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 6