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Meet Nyla! Shy, sweet, curious. Looking for guidance and stability.

She\'s a petite little thing at 37 lbs. More than anything, Nyla has asked us to help her find stability in her life. Nyla has been through many homes and shelters through no fault of her own. It is time for her to find a family that wants her for life and will keep her, regardless of any family dynamic changes. Stability, consistency, patience and being active are just what she\'ll need to gain some confidence, trust and come out of her shell. Nyla\'s ideal environment is quiet, active, low stimulus, loving.

Age: 5
Weight: 37 lbs

Strengths: Active, agile, loving, curious, willing to follow. Once you get to know Nyla, she warms your heart. She just wants to belong. There is so much personality in there waiting to reveal itself. We adore this little lady. She is a ton of fun and O\' so sweet.

Areas to continue to work on: Life experience, confidence.

Kids: No. Nyla is uncomfortable with the energy of children.

Dogs: Nyla gets along with dogs under structure and with guidance. She has made many doggie friends here at the center. However, she does reach a point where she is done interacting and would like to have her space. It is likely she can live with some temperaments. It will take some time for that transition.

Cats: Unknown.
Livestock: Okay under structure and monitoring.
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 5
Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 6