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Meet Cece!
Protector, playful, silly, stubborn.

Great Pyrenees are such beautiful dogs. However, they can be independent thinkers and a bit stubborn under all that beauty ;-). When Cece arrived at our facility, she was a totally different dog than the one she is today. She has made so much progress and we are so proud of all her work. It's been beautiful watching her journey.

She is now ready to find an experienced dog owner that understands the responsibilities that come with owning a breed genetically programmed to guard. She is loving, silly and affectionate with her people and carries a lot of the traits associated with her breed. Her new home needs to be very spacious with low stimulus.

Age: 1.5
Weight: 64 lbs

Strengths: Cece is a beautiful girl with a ton of personality. From carrying sticks to dunking her head in the water, she's non-stop entertainment! She has learned our foundation training and walks well on a leash. She is also friendly to meet strangers while on a leash.

Areas to continue to work on: Cece is working on settling when she gets too overstimulated. Our behavior trainers will show you exactly how she's learning to do that. She can be protective of her food and "stuff" (as a guard dog can). Also, Cece has a difficult time in the car. We are working on helping her make positive associations with being in the car but the movement and confinement is discomforting to her. Our behaviorists will be a big part of her transition home- from consultations to house visits so you and Cece are set up for success! We've got your back.

Kids: No
Dogs: Cece likes dogs. She is not a physical player however. She likes to paw and dance around other dogs so the play style of the other dog will be a big factor. Due to the food/toy guarding, we may or may not find it appropriate to home her with other animals. It will depend on the other animal.

Cats: Cats that do not run and hide may be okay. She can be triggered by the quick movement. If they are curious, she is too. If they dart, she will chase.

Livestock: Unknown. Likely okay due to breed.
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 7
Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 6