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Meet Cory!
Shy, intelligent, sensitive.

This beautiful boy is not your typical Malinois. He is shy with new people and very sensitive to quick moving energy, noises and handling. Slow it down for him, go at his pace, be calm, confident and loving.... and he'll warm up just fine. He's asked us to help him find a quiet home that will be respectful of who he is.

Due to his history and natural temperament, he politely declines all requests to turn him into a service dog, emotional support dog or guard dog. It's just not who he is or what he wants to do. He asks that people interacting with him please slow down and go at his pace. His ideal environment will understand that he's going to be social with his pack but doesn't feel comfortable being put into situations where he is expected to deal with reaching and petting from strangers. He's affected by quick movements, noises, energy and too much stimulus. This boy is absolutely loving and loyal once he trusts. He's a beautiful energy and we are excited to help him find a calm, loving leader. He will THRIVE with just the right person and environment :-).

Age: 2.5
Weight: 50 lbs

Strengths: When paired with people that match his energy, this boy is a dream. He's intelligent and eager to find a lifelong human partner. He's got so much to offer and we absolutely adore his (in human terms, "personality"). He walks great on a leash and has learned our foundation training.

Areas to continue to work on: Cory is new to living inside the home. He will need someone to be home during the day for a while as he learns a new lifestyle, housetraining on a new schedule (your schedule, it will be new to him) and how to behave inside without supervision. With someone guiding him, his smart self will settle in and do just fine.

Kids: No

Dogs: Cory does well with dogs that do not have a physical playstyle. He isn't comfortable with rough, high energy physical contact/play. A calm female and/or dogs that are not too jumpy or in his space will work best.

Cats: No
Livestock: Unknown
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 7
Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 7