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Meet Wrinkles!!!!!

Happy, Curious, Mellow.

Wrinkles will steal your heart with his expressive face and cute little snorts. Wrinkles is looking for a home with a real comfy couch he can chill out on with you.

He doesn’t ask for much – though he has a way of convincing you to give him more treats! He loves going for “sniffaris” in the neighborhood and isn’t interested in covering a ton of ground, he just wants to make sure he keeps up to date on the local smells. When he’s at home he is an expert lounger and hopes you will join him along with lots of scratches and belly rubs.

Strengths: Wrinkles is a mature guy who is comfortable with who he is. He doesn’t pay much mind to distractions in his surroundings and is very people-oriented! He is great at going with the flow and acclimates quickly to changes in his environment. He is a happy guy full of love to give.

Areas to continue to work on: Wrinkles knows his size and can be stubborn. He will need someone able to handle him on a leash and willing to work with him a bit on his manners. He knows how to “sit” but could use some work on his consistency.

Kids: Older children only.
Dogs: Wrinkles doesn’t seem to care too much about other dogs, dog siblings may be considered.
Level of structure needed: 5
Level of exercise needed: 4