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Meet Aspen!
Exuberant, Intelligent, Loving.

This little guy wants to greet you with full body wiggles each day when you come home. He is looking for a family to play with, snuggle and bond for life. He has asked us to find him an attentive, active family who will include him in their activities – this boy is not interested in hanging out alone if you are home. Aspen consistently performs our foundation training and walks well on a leash.

Strengths: Aspen is people-friendly and house-trained (though may take a few days to adjust to your schedule). He is a little bundle of fun and is waiting to wag his way into your heart!

Areas to continue working on: Aspen is all about you and the activities you will do together. He will jump up and spin around excitedly when he knows it’s time for a walk or adventure. His energy level escalates quickly and he needs a leader willing to settle him or switch up his routine to moderate his enthusiasm. We can show you how to do just that! He can be a little timid about strange things, but he is smart and will learn quickly from a trusted companion.

Kids: Older children would be best.
Dogs: Aspen would prefer to get all your attention to himself.
Cats: Not tested but likely no – Aspen has a prey drive.
Livestock: No.

Level of structure needed: 7
Level of exercise needed: 7