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Meet Oscar! Friendly, loving, loyal. Oh we love this boy! Oscar is friendly and loving, with a silly side. What we've learned about him is that he needs to "pick" his people. Oscar is great with all our staff and volunteers, however he bonds deeply with a select number of people and they become his whole world. His little happy go lucky trot is something that will bring a smile to your face and when he is with "his" people, oh boy it’s a beautiful sight. His entire world revolves around them. He wants more than anything, a person, a pack, with whom to belong. Age: 9 Weight: 35 lbs Strengths: Bonds strongly to a specific person or dog (or both) and they become his whole world. Loves companionship more than anything! Silly personality with the happiest trot you'll ever see! Areas to continue working on: Oscar will need to pick his pack. He's friendly to all, but if the connection isn't there for him, he'll let himself out and search for it somewhere else. It’s critically important that we go through a specific process for him so that he feels comfortable and bonded BEFORE adoption. If he feels connected, he's loyal to the end and will follow his pack anywhere, everywhere and always. A beautiful soul craving purpose in his pack. Kids: Oscar is friendly with children however we would like him to live in an adult only household. Dogs: Yes Cats: Oscar will likely be okay with cats. Multiple meet and greets required. Livestock: Unknown Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 5 Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 5