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Meet Prince! Shy, mellow, loving. It took years of training to get this poker face down! He's brilliant at it! Don't let him fool ya though, Prince is a big lug with a heart of gold. His ideal environment is spacious and quiet with a human that's been saying "you know, I need a mellow buddy to hang with." In the right home, this dog is perfect! No, seriously. Load him in the car for a short ride, take a walk, then come home and grab the popcorn and a movie. Prince is ready to be your right hand guy! Age: 8 Weight: 85 lbs Strengths: Excellent in the house, very loving to those he knows, walks great on a leash, and THAT face! I mean..... Areas to note: Prince only shows his personality to those that invest time. It might take awhile to see who he really is. Up front, he plays the role of hard to get. But once you become consistent in his life, he falls for his people pretty hard and wants nothing more than to be included in activities and to be your one and only. He deserves just that. Kids: Prince has lived with children and done wonderfully. However, we want to change up his lifestyle so that his new owner can become a new chapter for him, one in which he can bond with his person and feel connected. Dogs: Prince says, no thanks. Cats: Prince says, no thanks. Livestock: Unknown. Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 5 Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 5