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Meet Charlie!
Independent, Quiet and Curious!
Charlie can be picky when choosing her people and it makes you feel special once you win her affection. When you are picked by this girl, she will easily bond. She can be very independent but has mastered the skill of “puppy dog eyes” when she wants a treat or go for a walk. She is agile and athletic, but also enjoys peacefully laying on a comfy bed and just observe her world. Charlie’s ideal home has a secure yard, patient family and cozy blankets for her to snuggle.
Strengths: Charlie would love to be your partner on adventures and explore the world. She is quiet, neat, house-trained, and non-destructive.
Areas to work on: Charlie can be sensitive to strangers, though she is getting better.
Kids: Older, calmer children would be best for Charlie.
Dogs: She likes some energies, but prefers to be the only dog
Cats: No
Livestock: unknown
Level of structure needed: 6
Level of exercise needed: 7