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Meet Pepper!
Goofy, Curious, and Impressionable
Watching Pepper experience the world just brings a smile to everyone’s face. Before she came to CRCCS, her world was very small. We allowed her to decompress and gave her the time she needed to initially assimilate to us. Eventually, she began exploring our trails and greeting the CRCCS team with a tail up and her eyes smiling. This girl has overcome every challenge that we presented from her first ever command to building relationships with new staff members and volunteers.
Pepper is looking for a home with good structure and leadership to help continue the training she has learned at CRCCS. A lot of experience’s will be new to her, and while her confidence has grown, she will need a confident and composed leader to guide her with love and patience.
Strengths: While she has shown to be shy at first, she is people-oriented and loves affection. She absolutely loves her time outside and if there is water near here to enjoy ..She will!! Everyday she shows us how eager she is to learn. She just needs the right person who is willing to put in the time with her.
Areas to continue working: Pepper will need patience and commitment. In her first 5 years of life, she had very little interactions with people so she is moldable and can grow into the right companion for your lifestyle. However, being moldable does come with challenges – training will need to be slow and consistent. Things are new to her at all times, and she will need your guidance in adjusting to house training, as well.
Kids: No
Dogs: No
Cats: No
Livestock: Unknown
Level of structure needed: 8
Level of exercise needed: 6