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Meet Skye!
Animated, Active, Affectionate!
When Skye looks adoringly in your eyes and offers you her paw … you know you are “in”. She’s asked us to find her an active family who can commit to taking her on fun adventures and providing her a comfortable, spacious home. Skye’s perfect match will be patient, playful and loyal. She may take time to show her personality and open up BUT when she does you will find a goofy, loving best friend.
Strengths: Once she gets to know you, Skye is adoring and dedicated. She is non-stop entertainment and loves her toys and playtime. She is attentive, eager to learn and will lean into you for lots of pets.
Areas to continue working on: Initially, Skye is shy, so her person needs to be willing to go at her pace when it comes to bonding. She has some foundation training but will need continued structure and leadership to gain consistency and leash etiquette.
Kids: Older children may be considered
Dogs: Larger dogs may be considered with proper introduction.
Age: 4/5
Dogs: Larger dogs may be considered with proper introduction
Cats: No
Livestock: Unknown
Level of Structure needed: 7
Level of Exercise needed: 8