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Behavior Consultation $350

This is the first step in any CRCCS training program. A 2.5-hour session with our Certified Trainer & Behavior Consultant to introduce yourself, your dog, and their challenges. You’ll walk away with a lot of information and the plan of approach on how to begin changing behavior at home right away. Then together we’ll develop a personalized training plan.

IN-HOME Behavior Consultation
A 2.5 hour Behavior Consultation in the comfort of your own home where we can identify and discuss specific areas in your environment in relation to behavior. Case by case, please inquire.
IN-HOME Training Session $250
90-minute session at owners home.
Dog Assessments $300
This professional, hands-on behavior assessment and evaluation is a 1.5-hour session with your dog and a 1.5-hour consultation with you to discuss results and provide a demo if needed. After learning what is driving your dog’s behavior, we provide proper guidance, education, and discuss options moving forward. Perfect for dogs with whom other methods have failed; rescue groups or shelters needing behavior evaluations; court cases; landlords; or those looking to start training again but are unsure where to begin.
Daycamp – $35
Includes one fun exploration walk and two 30 minute training sessions that focus on improving recall, loose leash walking, foundation training, confidence building, and structured socialization with other dogs. Daycamp will also address basic behavior challenges such as minor reactivity, jumping, inappropriate manners, and more.
Intensive Training – $100
Our Intensive Training sessions are reserved for canines working to overcome more serious behavior challenges. These two 45-minute sessions, are more intense and target specific behaviors such as fear, reactivity, aggression, inexperience and more. Packages available.
One on One Sessions $150
90 minute hands-on coaching session out on the trails, in a real world setting with you, your dog, our Behaviorist and an assistant. Geared toward honing your handling skill set.

Training Packages

Daycamp – 6 pack $185
6 sessions
(save $25)
Intensive Training
7 pack – $650
Six intensive training days and one 1:1 session
($100 savings)
4 pack 1:1 sessions $500
($100 savings)
Daycamp – 12 pack $350
6 sessions
(save $70)
Intensive Training
12 pack – $1,100 Ten intensive training days and two 1:1 sessions
($200 savings)

Sleepover Prices

Standard rate
Large dogs
Small dogs