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CRCS Adoptions! Our process for transitioning them home.

Thank you for your interest in helping the 10%. Just like our dogs, we are a little different. To learn more about our adoption process or to get started in finding your match, read below. We are grateful for the opportunity!

Who we are:

We are a recovery, training, education, and adoption center for “unadoptable” shelter dogs, dogs getting overlooked in high-volume shelters, dogs overcoming trauma, and dogs whose owners are overcoming trauma. We invest a minimum of 2 to 6 months learning each dog before we make them available for adoption. We watch their behavior, we teach them basic foundation training, we socialize them with people and dogs to the best of their ability, and we give them exposure and experiences to “real world” situations so that we can create successful matches. We pay attention to details so you know exactly what you are getting. From food and bathroom habits, to what motivates them, their play style, human preferences, fears, or sensitivities. We have the details on our dogs. We have dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments looking for a home. We will provide you with a full history of the dog, behavior assessments, demos out on the trails, behavior & training support post-adoption, and more. When you adopt from CRCS, you become part of the family. We invest in our dogs. We invest in you.

Who we are not:

We are not a quick or high-volume adoption center. We take in dogs that didn’t make it in quick, high volume shelters so every decision we make is about what’s best for the dog in their transition home. Lifelong decisions shouldn’t be made in one visit by either party. You need all the information possible before making a committed decision, and so do we. It’s about you. It’s about the dogs. For life.

So, what’s the adoption process anyway? Short answer, it depends on the dog. We go at their pace. Not ours.

  • Step 1 – Answer a few basic questions below. We’ll then send you available appointment times. Based on your answers, we’ll plan out your first visit, making sure the right people and dogs are available when you arrive.
  • Step 2 – First visit! Meet potential matches! Get an idea of different sizes/temperaments, give us feedback, narrow it down.
  • Step 3 – Second visit! Meet the Founder. You’ll get a full history of your narrowed down choices and learn specifics about your dog(s). Every dog is different. Some are ready to go; others will need to meet you a few times before they get comfortable. The details you’ll hear during this visit will help you (and us) make decisions and create a transition plan for you and your new dog.
  • Step 4 – Third visit! This is where we implement your plan! It could include a demo, begin dog to dog work (if you have dogs), relationship building with your new companion, or adoption! Whatever the dog needs for a successful transition home, we begin this process now. Adoption day narrows.
  • Step 5 – Thank you! Whether it took you two visits or several more, we appreciate you doing what’s best for the dog by learning about them and investing your time. We offer Daycamp, Intensive Training, Behavior Consultations, Sleepovers when you go out of town, classes and more. See our front desk for pricing and to learn more about some of the free services that come with adoption. Don’t be a stranger!
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