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CRCCS provides rescue for special needs

cats, litters of kittens

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CRCCS provides rescue for special needs cats and litters of kittens

overflow from our partner shelters, bonded pairs (to the canines we provide services for), and cats whose owners have passed and/or can no longer provide care due to personal trauma or hardship.

Support & Education

Support services are offered to feline owners in our community through a variety of programs and services. Food distribution services are offered to low income areas, seniors and veterans. Guidance, consulting, education and networking programs are offered to seniors, veterans and low-income families to keep companion animals with their families and reduce return rates back to the shelters.


When our precious felines are healthy and ready for new loving families, CRCCS provides adoption and special needs placement services. Our adoption process ensures that each cat is safely transitioned into their new forever family at the pace that is appropriate for them. Screening potential adopters, conducting visitations, providing education and support, slow transitions to home, and post adoption support are part of the process. CRCCS provides post-adoption support to our adopters for the life of the animal. Cats are microchipped and registered to CRCCS nationally, spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and vetted.

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