Guardian Angel
Sponsorship Program

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little
bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
– Desmond Tutu

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Have you ever wondered where your charitable contributions are going
and what they are being used for?

At CRCCS, we recognize the need to be good stewards of your generous donations. The Guardian Angel Sponsorship Program was designed with this in mind. According to the various levels of sponsorships available under this program, generous donors agree to underwrite the costs of providing care for a particular dog (food, shelter, utilities, veterinary costs, etc.) so that the dog’s needs are covered for a set amount of time.

You may choose the dog you wish to sponsor, or we can assign one if that is best. Either way, we are most appreciative.

Available time frames are monthly, quarterly, every nine months, and on an annual basis. In addition, a level of sponsorship known as the “Healthy Transitions Guardian Angel” level will permit a donor to fund the costs of placing a dog in a great, adoptable home (items such as a bed, food for a set amount of time, therapeutic essential oils and other healing beneficial products, and of course some level of training).

Sponsors/donors will be kept apprised of their dog’s status. You will also be informed of when the dog is adopted, of any veterinary issues, and of the progress of the dog’s training. Sponsors/donors will be recognized on our website, through a listing in our busy lobby, on social media, and in e-newsletters. This program buys valuable time so the CRCCS team can work their magic and rehabilitate the dogs that are in our care. Saving one dog at a time.

When the time comes, and we find the perfect match between human and canine, these wonderful dogs have been well-cared for and are ready to fit in with their new home. CRCCS makes tremendous use of our wonderful army of volunteers, who help in all areas of operation; however, it can be costly to do what we do, especially in light of the fact that we are directing our focus on dogs who have been overlooked. The average cost of housing a dog at CRCCS runs approximately $25/day, or $750/month.

Please consider becoming a Guardian Angel and helping to underwrite the cost of care – care which we give with all of our heart and soul. Contact Kristen Ivey at to learn more. A Guardian Angel makes a difference in the lives of the dogs we cherish.

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