Absolutely! As part of the adoption process, you'll have an opportunity to sit down with our team—who know this pet best. You'll be given details on why he/she came to us, the history we know, and what we've been working on while they are in our care, medical information and more. We'll also give you starter food that your new companion has been eating so you can slowly transition them to the food of your choice. You'll also be given access to our help line if you need answers on anything post adoption. Adopt from us, and you become part of the family. Welcome!
Every pet in our program goes through an assessment process to determine what tools they respond best too. During the adoption process, you'll be fully informed on any specific items needed. We will give you a free collar and leash to get them home safe and you'll have plenty of time prior to adoption to purchase any specific harnesses or leashes. Our team will assist you with any and all information. We also send along an adoption kit that contains lots of goodies and a few toys to get started. Other things you might need immediately are a bed and an ID tag.
We will take responsibly for all veterinary care up until the adoption is completed. Prior to adoption, we make sure all pets have been cleared by a veterinarian,  vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, wormed, and any specialty surgeries completed. You will be given a full medical history of your new pet and access to their medical information. We do suggest that you give your new pet ample time to adjust to their new home before rushing them to a veterinarian unless an urgent situation arises (puppies or hospice cases are the exception). For many pets, stacking too many new things on them at once can create stress. A good idea is to schedule an uneventful veterinarian visit (with no procedure planned) simply to drop off paperwork and get them in the door and acquainted. Maybe even enjoy a biscuit while there! Keep it very positive!
Your pet will come with a complete medical history. This will include information on any required veterinarian visits that need to be scheduled and when they are due. The medical history will include instructions on medications he/she may be currently receiving. You can take along the information provided and your veterinarian can keep or copy of any paperwork needed.