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Our Training Philosophy

“We all do more for those we trust and respect. Dogs are no different. If training isn’t working, you’ve come to the right place. At CRCCS, we specialize in behavior, a very different approach than training. The most respectful way to communicate to any being, whether human or canine, is to communicate to them on their level. Through respectful communication, not with force or constant treats, we help dogs overcome and learn new ways of doing things. Just like us, they are all individuals. What works for one dog may not work for another. Our behavior-based training approach gets to the root cause of the issue so you and your canine companion can strengthen your relationship and get more out of life!”

Services Menu

Behavior Consultation

This is the first step in any CRCCS training program. An approximately 3-hour session with our Certified Trainer & Behavior Consultant to introduce yourself, your dog, and their challenges. You’ll walk away with a lot of information and a plan of approach on how to begin changing behavior at home right away. Then together we’ll develop a personalized training plan.


Formal Dog Assessments

This professional, hands-on behavior assessment and evaluation is a 1.5-hour session with your dog and a 1.5-hour consultation with you to discuss results and provide a demo if needed. After learning what is driving your dog’s behavior, we provide proper guidance, education, and discuss options moving forward. Perfect for dogs with whom other methods have failed; rescue groups or shelters needing behavior evaluations; court cases; landlords; or those looking to start training again but are unsure where to begin.



Includes two 30-minute training sessions that focus on improving recall, loose leash walking, foundation training, confidence building, and positive, structured socialization with other dogs. Daycamp will also address basic behavior challenges such as minor reactivity, jumping, inappropriate manners, and more.


In-Home Behavior Consultation

Approximately 3-hour Behavior Consultation in the comfort of your own home where we can identify and discuss specific areas in your environment in relation to behavior. Case by case, please inquire.

Starting at $650

Intensive Training

Our Intensive Training sessions are reserved for canines working to overcome more serious behavior challenges. These two 45-minute sessions are more intense and target specific behaviors such as insecurity, fear, reactivity, resource guarding and more.

*Packages available, see below.


One on One Sessions

90-minute hands-on coaching session out on the trails, in a real-world setting with you, your dog, our Behaviorist, and an assistant. Geared toward honing your handling skill set.


In-Home Training Session

90-minute working session at owner’s home (for current customers).


Training Packages

Daycamp – 6 Pack

6 Sessions (Save $25)

Daycamp – 12 Pack

12 Sessions (Get 2 Free! Save $100)


Intensive Training – 8 Pack

7 intensive training days and one 1:1 session (Save $150)


Intensive Training – 15 Pack

Your Choice: 14 Intensive Training Days and Two 1:1 sessions OR 12 Training Days, One 1:1 (Save up to $300)


1:1 Sessions – 4 Pack

Four 90-minute hands-on training sessions (Save $100 )


Watch Our Training Videos

Our expert trainers know a thing or two to help demonstrate effective techniques to train your pup!


What People are Saying

“Best group of dog people we’ve ever met.”

We were referred to them following crisis with my dogs and they helped us through it, quite literally saving our little girls life. She would have had to be euthanized if Kristen and Kevin had not been willing to work with us. Very caring, knowledgeable and good at teachers. They are transforming lives there, and not just dogs! I could never say enough good things about them.
– Thomas

“We’re so glad that we brought Luna to CRCCS for training.”

In couple of month we noticed a big change in her behavior. Kevin is a awesome trainer, very professional and he has a lot of patience. Everyone is so friendly at CRCCS and they really care for all the furry babies. Highly recommended!

– Regina

We adopted our dog here, Macey!”

She is such a great dog and they did a great job training her while she was there! She walks beautifully on a leash. The people there are amazing and when we take Macey to visit sometimes, they always love seeing her. I would definitely recommend this place and I would adopt from here again.
–  Jessie
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