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CRCCS is carving a new path in animal welfare; proving that “unadoptable” doesn’t need to equal euthanasia. In our own shelter, we’ve proven it’s possible for well over a decade. Now, it’s time to complete our campus, share our work and expand our education services so we can save more lives. 

It is our passion and purpose to provide support to animal shelters across the nation. Shelters face difficult decisions regarding their unadoptable dogs and cats. Our campus is geared towards the recovery, enrichment, behavior training, education, and adoption for the unadoptable. For our community. For other communities. For shelters across the nation.

For our local community, the CRCCS campus expands our ability to serve others, allowing us to go above and beyond our mission. With a venue for special events and various programs supporting the arts & education, sustainable energy, veterans, kid’s camps, women & teens, and services for seniors, we are passionate about bringing people together and providing an enriching environment that supports their growth.

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Because over 90% of our animals have survived unthinkable pasts, they arrive at our facility with little to no positive exposure or experiences and have not practiced using their innate skillset in years, if ever. Many are starting from square one.

The CRCCS Behavior & Education Campus is designed with these very special dogs and cats in mind. 

Here, they recover. Here, they trust. Here, they learn. Here, they grow. Here, they overcome labels. Here, they beat the odds. One animal at a time.


Our programs and services are geared to help shelters reduce their euthanasia rates, reduce their return rates, educate adopters, and keep animals in homes.




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