Event Date: Tuesday, November 29th 2022 (All Day)
Event Description:
Support CRCCS on Giving Tuesday where you can make a difference by giving to your FAVORITE charity!  

We ask that you consider the Canine Rehabilitation Center & Cat Sanctuary. Every dollar makes a big difference toward saving lives and giving the “unadoptable” a second chance at life and love!

About Us

Our mission is to spread awareness and raise money for the “Unadoptable”.

90% of CRCCS dogs would have been euthanized due to behavior issues which, given the right tools, CAN be overcome.

Be sure to review the ways you can make an impact and please share this page with your family and friends.

Your involvement is critical to our success and saving lives.

Thank you again for caring!

Giving Tuesday Dog Story

This beautiful soul. He may be small, but his story and message are mighty

Snoopy gave the first part of his life to laboratory research. The details are unknown to us; however, we were very lucky that in 2016, he came to the CRCCS family.

After one year in our program, he learned what life was like outside the lab and in this big wide human world of ours and was adopted by a loving family. Four years later, he was back in our care and dealing with some serious medical challenges that even veterinarians couldn’t initially identify. Six years after Snoopy first came into our lives, he was needing help again… the first time behaviorally, the second time medically. 

Physically and mentally, Snoopy was very uncomfortable. We worked diligently to help him find some peace through a variety of methods. After 9 months of vet visits, tests, appointments with specialists, and two major surgeries, our boy began to feel and act like a normal dog. We still have a bit to go, but he is finally on his way to feeling some peace and comfort. Just a few weeks ago, he played for the first time. Beautiful. 

Seven years ago, a wonderful man joined the CRCCS family as an adopter.  Over the years he has adopted 3 dogs from us. When he reached out to say he was ready to welcome another pup with special needs, we knew who was about to hit the lotto. Knowing his lifestyle and energy, we introduced him to Snoopy and the rest is history. 

These days, Snoopy can be found relaxing on his favorite bed next to the fireplace or enjoying freedom outside with his dad and canine sister, Skye (also a CRCCS alum) on their 40 acre property in this beautiful state of ours. With a healthier body, a family to love, and daily activities that allow him to feel like a dog again, Snoopy is celebrating life this holiday. Every moment is a gift.

Snoopy, you are one of a kind. We are beyond grateful to have been a part of your journey, twice. Your ability to push through unbearable circumstances, pain and discomfort, and more vet visits, tests, and procedures is a testament to your resilience and courage.

You remind us to #keepgoing #begrateful #bekind 

With much love, carry on. You’ve got some living and catching up to do!

Bella’s Story

Bella is a classic Craigslist case.

Originally sold on Craigslist, then resold/rehomed again and again. Each home lasted anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. It didn’t take long for the owners to realize it wasn’t a good match and the very behavior that was creating the challenge was then passed on to the next person.

It is very common for people to adopt based on look, breed, and size but it can lead to a very long and difficult road for many dogs. This was the case for Bella. 

This beautiful girl has completed our program and has made amazing strides in her recovery! When she first arrived at CRCCS, we had mountains of work ahead of us in every area. Her journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Bella knows our foundation (behavior training) and worked hard to expand her social circle with both people and animals. She is now one of the most trained dogs in our facility performing a variety of tasks and tricks with verbal markers, hand signals, line signaling and more. Her vocabulary is quite extensive ;-). Just like her personality!

Bella is full of energy, character, opinions, and entertainment. She is extremely intelligent and will only succeed in an environment that loves to maintain structure, training, and mental engagement. She’s been waiting for her angel to appear. It’s time!

Bella is now one of our longer-term residents available for adoption. As is the case with many of our dogs, the wait isn’t due to lack of interest. It becomes about finding what Bella needs to succeed. 

Dogs like Bella just need someone to stop the cycle of returns, take the time to get to know her personality and HER needs. Her next family needs to provide the proper training, so that she can succeed.

Bella has stabilized, is alive and well, trained, eager to learn more, and available for adoption thanks to you. Your support saves lives. 

Nike’s Story

At only 2 1/2, Nike has already accumulated a lifetime of stories.

He was found roaming in Palm Desert. He has been through animal control, a rescue group, multiple shelters, and multiple dog training facilities… all before being transferred to CRCCS in the spring of 2022. His history prior to all of that is unknown. If only he could talk!

Nike’s story is an incredible one. After 8 months of consistent work, we understand why he went through so many different people and/or facilities. For us to really know and understand this dog, it took many months of relationship building, observation of behavior, with/and around different people and animals, over an extended period of time, in different environments, under different circumstances. Nike is an unforgettable student and a beautiful journey of transformation. 

So many dogs just need someone to take the time to figure out all the details so they can be put in a position to succeed. Such as the case with Nike. His growth has been an absolute honor to be a part of and we are so proud of how far he’s come.

Simultaneously, he has earned two AKC trick dog titles where he has mastered over 20 tricks! This was achieved through his daily behavior modification program, extensive dog work, confidence building work, and recall work. Nice work buddy!

As we reflect on where he began, what he has overcome and the number of times he’s beaten the odds… our highly intelligent, deeply complex boy has our heart, our respect, and our commitment.

Nike, you made it bud! You did it! It’s time for you to move on to your next chapter, a loving home. #letsdothis

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