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Our medical expenses have been enormous.

Your Giving Tuesday donation will allow us to continue giving much needed quality medical care.

Giving Tuesday

The following is just one of our medical stories:

Everyday our long-term resident, Sampson, snuggles with one of our team members in his room. He has been with us for six years, and this beautiful boy has our hearts.

Sampson was found abandoned in a park and emaciated.

When he arrived at CRCCS, he carried very negative associations of people, especially men. He did not trust anyone and seriously was not sure of his new surroundings. After putting in the work, he has become a member of our family and adores his trusted people. He is surrounded by love!

Recently, Sampson started to struggle with walking and sitting. After multiple vet visits, he has been diagnosed with cranial cruciate ligament disease in both knees, arthritis in both hips and intervertebral disc disease (degenerative condition in the spine). Given all of these medical issues, our day-to-day approach for him has changed. Instead of behavior training and dog work, it’s all about engagement with his inner circle and doing our best to keep him as happy and fulfilled as possible with a variety of new activities.

We want Sampson to feel the presence of love and family while receiving quality care. After years of hardship, he deserves all our love and support.

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Remember, every dollar up to $12,000 will be MATCHED!

We APPRECIATE all that you do for the CRCCS fur babies!

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